Artist Residency

Many art classes focus on learning materials and building your technical skill set. 

Have you ever taken a class which primarily focused on finding your personal process of inspiration? This residency is about building those soft skills; learning how to really go inside and channel outward what you discover. 

In this residency, you will be introduced to a somatic method of drawing inspiration for your artwork. You are encouraged to try new mediums and ways of making, but the focus of this program is on the process, not the materials. You’ll be supported in learning to identify and experience this process through group discussions, one-on-one meetings with your guides, and designated time for self-led exploration.

You may choose to work on one or more stand-alone pieces, or you may choose to create a series of interconnected works. This is an opportunity for you to build a body of work that has deep inner meaning to you.

This program is different from a traditional residency. It is a hybrid model, meaning there are meetings both in-person and online. You can expect frequent interactions within your cohort (3-4 people) and with the greater art community, but it is not a residency that provides housing. At the end of this program, we will have a group show in Corvallis, Oregon. Show date and location is TBD.

What you will receive by participating in this program:

  • Developed skills for tapping into the flow of ideas
  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • A meaningful connection to your art
  • Accountability to keep a regular art practice over the summer
  • A body of work to add to your portfolio
  • Close working relationships with fellow artists
  • One-on-one mentorship with a working artist
  • Networking opportunities – local, national and worldwide
  • Residency bragging rights on your resume
  • Participation in a group show (date TBD)
  • One month spotlight on the Late Night Art Club website

Time commitment: 

The residency runs for six weeks. Each week, you will be expected to participate in 4 meetings. 

  • At least one Art Club or LNAC webinar
  • One cohort meeting (project check-ins, work time)
  • One focusing session 
  • One-on-one meeting with Huntress

There will be 3 “retreats” throughout the residency. During the retreats, you will be asked to be present for 3 hours, in-person.  They will be held for our first meeting, then week 3 and week 6. The retreats will be in place of the cohort meetings for weeks 3 and 6, and the dates will be discussed at our first meeting.

So, what does it cost?

This is offered on a “Pay What You Want” principle. After you have gone through the residency, you are offered the opportunity to give back in a way that makes sense for you. We hope that you will donate in a way that reflects not just what you are able to give, but also how much you think this program is worth.

Focusing Initiatives International is a non-profit organization, which means we run entirely on donations and the occasional grant. If you are unable to make a donation but would like to contribute in another way, please let us know. We may have volunteer opportunities available.

In addition to the “Pay What You Want” donation request, we are asking you to spread the word about what we do. Publicity may be the best way for us to find donors, which helps us do our work at the “PWYW” level. We will encourage you to talk to friends, family, and post to social media what you find meaningful throughout the program. We will ask you to help us spread the word and invite folks to the group show, too! 


Week 0: In-person Introductory Meeting: Q & A, Scheduling, Is this right for you? 


Week 1: Listening, Boundaries, Being With

Week 2: Reflection, Mediums ~ Describing, Checking back

Week 3: Retreat ~  Expression vs. Production, Focusing Dyads, Digging Deeper

Week 4: Tapping into the Flow of Ideas ~ “Why?” Digging Deeper

Week 5: Returning, Sensing Freshly, and Drawing Inspiration

Week 6: Retreat ~ Thinking at the Edge ~ Decision-Making through Focusing