“Art Club is a space, community, and opportunity unlike any other I’ve come across. The group entered my life at the perfect time, where I was, in many ways, just beginning my journey of self-creation. The inner practice of focusing, coupled with self-expression through any art medium I felt called to, heavily increased the depth at which I could venture into the unknown. Huntress set up the perfect space where I felt safe to be vulnerable if I needed to, and when I just needed a space to be light and silly, it was there for me as well. Whether you’re looking for a new tool for your inner life, inspiration for your next artistic project, or even just cool people to spend some time with, I highly encourage anyone to attend an Art Club session.”

Colin Mosgrove

“I love Art Club. It is a time every week when I can slow down, connect with myself through Focusing, and allow myself the opportunity to express how I’m feeling through a variety of art mediums. I deeply appreciate the safe space and supportive community Art Club creates. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an artist or you’ve never held a paint brush, there’s a welcoming spot for everyone in the circle.”


“Art Club has not only made me a better artist across many mediums (poetry, ink pens, pastels, etc.), but it has also given me a place to continue and reflect on my personal growth. Creating in Art Club is highly expressive, free from the shackles of perfectionism or productivity. The mindfulness practices in Art Club help tap into the core of your feelings. The space Art Club facilitates is a safe one to share these reflections and revelations. And the friends I have made through Art Club are ones that will last a lifetime. This community has grown into something truly spectacular, and I hope its light continues to burn in the hearts of all who feel its warmth.”

Non-Binary. East coast ohio. Marketing. Worked w/ anna. Storyteller.playful. Community-oriented.